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The Regional Water Board’s Tentative Order for would require Mariposa County Lake Don Pedro Wastewater Treatment Facility to submit an individual, facility-specific Salinity Management Plan. The groundwater in the area is of good quality well below the recommended secondary MCL. In addition, the source water is a combination of very low salinity surface water and low salinity groundwater. CVCWA commented that it does not believe that a Salinity Management Plan is warranted for this facility considering its specific circumstances.

The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board has selected Patrick Pulupa as its next executive officer. Starting March 1, Pulupa will work alongside Pamela Creedon, the Central Valley Water Board’s current executive officer, during a three-month transition period until her retirement on June 1.

“Our Board unanimously chose an outstanding candidate to fill the position of executive officer to carry forward the important work of protecting and improving water quality in the Central Valley Water Region,” said Central Valley Water Board Chair Karl Longley.

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