COVID-19 Message

On behalf of CVCWA we’d like to thank you all for your continued support of our organization in these uncertain times. One thing that is certain is the dedication and commitment the volunteer leadership and staff have to continue to serve our members. CVCWA is open for business but our staff is working remotely in compliance with Governor Newsom’s orders. Although we hope not, members may experience a slower response over the next few weeks.  For optimum service and to increase clarity for our staff, an email in place of a call is better. You can best reach us at Thank you for your support! Stay safe and healthy.


CVCWA is the voice of Central Valley wastewater agencies in regulatory matters on the local, regional and state level.


The Central Valley Clean Water Association is a non-profit association of public agencies located within the Central Valley region that provide wastewater collection, treatment, and water recycling services to residents and businesses.

Who We Are

CVCWA is currently comprised of over 50 public wastewater collection and treatment member agencies, representing over 7 million people in the Central Valley.

Our Mission

CVCWA’s mission is to effectively represent the interests of wastewater agencies in the Central Valley in regulatory matters and to support the exchange of information so members can best meet their business challenges.

Our Work Groups

The majority of the activities are done through work groups made up from the CVCWA general membership.

Participation on the work groups is voluntary. At meetings, CVCWA members discuss issues of interest, such as new regulations and recent scientific findings. Often, the work group will work on projects and/or have presentation on topics of interest at the meetings.

Our Advocacy

Water quality in California is regulated by the State Water Resources Control Board and nine Regional Water Quality Control Boards.

CVCWA works with both the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board and the State Water Board to effect reasonable local and state regulations impacting wastewater treatment plants and wastewater and storm drain collections systems in the Central Valley.

Become a Member

Regular membership classes in CVCWA are open to cities, counties, local agencies and private companies who directly manage or oversee municipal or industrial wastewater collection, treatment and disposal systems and/or industrial waste control programs.  Membership includes voting and Association officer rights and privileges.

Affiliate membership class includes public wastewater agencies outside the boundaries of the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (CVRWQCB), private industry not regulated by the CVRWQCB, consultants, individuals, and other wastewater industry organizations.  Membership does not include voting and Association officer rights and privileges.

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