CV-SALTS is a multistakeholder process in the Central Valley to address the long-term build up of salts and nitrate issues in the Central Valley.  Through this collaborative process, stakeholders including the Regional Water Board are developing a Central Valley Salt and Nutrient Management Plan (SNMP) and associated Basin Plan amendments to implement the SNMP.  CVCWA is an active participant in CV-SALTS.

The Regional Water Board has begun to include permit requirements to “actively participate in CV-SALTS” in Central Valley permits.  Additionally, the Statewide General Landscape Irrigation Permit for recycled water requires enrollees to participate in regional salt and nitrate planning.  CV-SALTS has developed guidelines  to assess if an entity is actively participating in CV-SALTS.  The guidelines allow entities to participate through membership agencies, such as CVCWA, or as individual agencies.  Participation includes both active participation in meetings and contributions, either through the Central Valley Salinity Coalition, the funding arm of CV-SALTS, or in-kind services.

In December 2012, the CVCWA board established the CV-SALTS Special Project.  The primary purposes of this special project are to:

  1. Support CVCWA’s membership in CV-SALTS and the Central Valley Salinity Coalition (CVSC); and
  2. Provide regulatory credit for “active participation in CV-SALTS” through CVCWA to agencies participating in this special project.