CVCWA NEWS FLASH: Central Valley RWB Announces a New Executive Officer

The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board has selected Patrick Pulupa as its next executive officer. Starting March 1, Pulupa will work alongside Pamela Creedon, the Central Valley Water Board’s current executive officer, during a three-month transition period until her retirement on June 1.

“Our Board unanimously chose an outstanding candidate to fill the position of executive officer to carry forward the important work of protecting and improving water quality in the Central Valley Water Region,” said Central Valley Water Board Chair Karl Longley.

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CVCWA’s 2018 Conference – Meet Today’s Challenges And Plan For The Future!

CVCWA’s Annual Conference provides valuable wastewater industry insight and information for city managers, public works directors, city and district chief engineers, regulators, consultants, council & boardmembers, and wastewater industry professionals
Climate Change. CV-SALTS. Methylmercury. Toxicity. Ammonia.CVCWA has been working together with you and other stakeholders to address these and other regulatory and water quality issues for over a decade. Now the outcome of these collaborative efforts is closer than ever to affecting your discharge permits and compliance efforts. Join us to hear about these other important regulatory updates to help prepare you for requirements that are coming. Learn how, through CVCWA, we can work together to help shape the future of wastewater regulation by effecting reasonable, science-based regulations that address important environmental issues. Participate in discussions with experts and regulatory leaders on these issues.

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CVCWA NEWS FLASH: Proposed SWRCB Bacteria Provisions

CVCWA provided written comments on the State Water Resources Control Board’s (SWRCB) proposed Part 3 of the Water Quality Control Plan for Inland Surface Waters, Enclosed Bays, and Estuaries of California (ISWEBE)—Bacteria Provisions and a Water Quality Standards Variance Policy (Bacteria Provisions).

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